93% Of Immigrants Come To England – The Sixth Most Crowded Country In The World

93% of immigrants to the UK live in England. That is the conclusion of research by Migration Watch UK. Of the 7.1 million foreign born people living in the UK, 6.6 million live in England. As for the latest projections for population growth, 86% is expected to occur in England.

Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK said:

“The immigration lobby like to talk about the UK, obscuring the fact that England is six times as crowded as Scotland. Since the vast majority of immigrants come to England, it is England’s place in the league table that counts. Leaving aside city states and small islands, England lies sixth among the most crowded countries in the world. As people sit in traffic jams or squeeze onto their morning trains it will be clearly ridiculous to claim that their eyes are deceiving them and there is not a problem simply because places like the Maldives or Mayotte have higher population densities than England”.

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21st November 2011 - Population

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