Why Is The Bbc Still So Hideously Biased On Immigration?

By Sir Andrew Green
Chairman of Migration Watch UK
The Daily Mail, London, 15 April, 2011

David Cameron has just made the most important speech on immigration of any Prime Minister for many years.

He tackled the subject in a frank, open, comprehensive and factual manner, while remaining sensitive to the delicacy of the issues.

He set out a clear aim — to get net immigration down to tens of thousands — while disposing of the myth that EU migration would render this impossible.

He didn't shy away from describing the widespread abuse in the immigration system, whether by forced or sham marriages, bogus students, dodgy colleges, or dubious work permits.

This was a very significant contribution from a national leader addressing a sensitive issue that troubles a huge number of people in this country.

Yet if you had listened to Radio 4 you would not have known it. Their treatment of this story was abysmal.

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19th April 2011 - Policy

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