Tightening Immigration Benefits All Legitimate Students

By Matthew Pollard
Executive Director, Migration Watch UK
Politics, London, 25 February, 2011

Universities should show more interest in the UK graduates they're sending to the dole queue, rather than foreign applicants.

The government will soon announce measures to reform the student immigration system. Meanwhile, their consultation exercise has been greeted with howls of outrage from the universities along with doomsday claims about billions of pounds of income under threat. Given that students accounted for over half million entrants to the UK last year (including student visitors) it is only to be expected that the government would wish to examine the route very carefully. However, contrary to claims on the Left Foot Forward blog, no cap on numbers is proposed as with economic migration. Nor are the measures likely to have much impact on the universities. ……

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25th February 2011 - Education, Population

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