Prime Minister Gets His Facts Wrong On Immigration

In his pod cast on Friday 26 March, the Prime Minister said "Some people talk as if net inward migration is rising. In fact, it is falling – down from 237,000 in 2007, to 163,000 in 2008, to provisional figures of 147,000 last year". The first two figures refer to Long Term Immigration and are […]

27th March 2010 (Migration Trends, Population)

Lib Dems Talk Tough On Immigration – But Their Actual Policies Would Be “disastrous”

The Liberal Democrats immigration policy sounds tough but, in reality, is no better than the government’s "open door immigration policy" that has seen the biggest wave of immigration in our history, says a new report out today. The policy was the first of the major parties to be scrutinised in detail by think-tank Migrationwatch as […]

16th March 2010 (Policy, Population)

Sham Marriages – March 2010

Introduction 1 There has been a great deal of confusion recently about the government’s powers to deal with sham marriages. Even the Minister of Immigration seems to have got it wrong in a television interview. Briefing Paper 8.38 sets out the full position….. The BBC Report 5 On 7 January this year the BBC television […]

The Immigration Appeals System Revised – 2010 Version

This Briefing Paper 8.30 substantially amends and brings up to date the previous version dated March 2005 (now deleted), taking account of recent changes in the law Introduction 1 The immigration appeals system has undergone major changes twice in recent years. Until April 2005 there was a two tier system, the first tier consisting of […]

Migration: An Economic And Social Analysis

TITLE PAGE AND EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of a joint research study by the Home Office Economics and Resources Analysis Unit and the Cabinet Office Performance and Innovation Unit. This document was given restricted circulation in October 2000 and was obtained by Migration Watch in January 2010 under a Freedom of Information Act request to the Cabinet […]

Paying The Price For A Decade Of Deception

By Sir Andrew GreenChairman of Migration Watch UKThe Daily Mail, London, 10 February 2010 So there was indeed a Labour conspiracy to change the nature of our society by mass immigration. New evidence confirms claims made by a Labour political adviser last October which he subsequently tried to recant. In an article for the Evening […]

11th February 2010 (Migration Trends, Policy, Population)

The Key: Ethnic Communities Vote Heavily For Labour

By Sir Andrew Green, Chairman, Migration Watch UK The Daily Telegraph, 10 February, 2010 I rubbed my eyes with disbelief when I saw an article by Andrew Neather, a former speech writer for Blair, Blunkett and Straw, saying that mass immigration “didn’t just happen: the deliberate policy of Ministers from late 2000 … was to […]

Only Severe Cuts To Immigration Will Stop Population Hitting 70 Million Well Within 25 Years

Even if the birth rate were to drop to levels not seen for 100 years the UK population is almost bound to hit 70m within 25 years unless there is a dramatic cut in immigration levels, says a new report out yesterday. An analysis of the Government’s own figures – issued on the eve of […]

Immigration ‘no Answer’ To Pension Time Bomb

The ‘myth’ that continued mass immigration is the answer to Britain’s pensions time bomb has been described as ‘totally dishonest’ by a new report out today. The report from think tank Migrationwatch, finds that the present ratio of workers to pensioners could only be sustained by immigration at a level that would bring the population […]

25th January 2010 (Economics, Policy, Welfare Benefits)

Immigration Curbs Could Have A Decisive Impact On The Election Result. Second Only To The Economy In Key Marginals

The extent to which immigration is likely to play a decisive role in the forthcoming election is spelled out in a new poll published today. The poll, conducted by YouGov for Migrationwatch, was held in the vital 57 “marginal” seats which the Conservatives must win to gain a reasonable working majority; 43 are Labour held […]

18th January 2010 (Policy)

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