Migration – The Environmental Consequences For The Uk

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the UK will soar by almost 515 million tonnes over the period from 2008 to 2033 solely as a result of the projected increase in population due to net migration over that period, says a new report out today. The report from think-tank Migrationwatch on the environmental effects of large […]

29th December 2010 (Environment, Population)

Global Migration Unrealities

In November 2010 the New Economics Foundation published a short paper entitled "Why the cap won't fit: Global migration realities 2010 to 2050". The paper argued that immigration pressures in the third world would decline after reaching a peak in 2035, that immigrants might become scarcer and that only an increase in the working age […]

10th December 2010 (Migration Trends, Population)

Foreign Students

Summary 1 Briefing Paper No 2.8 provides background briefing on foreign (non EU) students in the UK. It outlines the visa system, the number of students, the colleges involved, and the role of the UKBA. Student Visas 2 Previously the ‘Student’ visa was used to cover all study from short English language courses to undergraduate […]

9th December 2010 (Education, Visas/Work Permits)

Impact Of The ‘immigration Decade’ On English Primary Schools

The dramatic impact on Primary schools of the massive increase in immigration into the UK in the last decade has been spelled out in a new paper from think tank Migrationwatch. The paper examines the effect of a net increase of more than 2.5 million long-term immigrants from non English speaking countries, between 1991 and […]

29th November 2010 (Education, Migration Trends, Population)

Government Still Burying The Bad News On Immigration And Housing

26 November, 2010 New immigrants will add about 2 million households by 2033 The government’s household projections for the 25 years from 2008, published today by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), continue to play down the impact of immigration on housing. The document’s list of key points informs us that "Population growth […]

26th November 2010 (Housing, Migration Trends, Population)

The Latest Immigration Statistics

25 November, 2010 The latest migration statistics confirm that immigration has continued at the high levels of the past five years. The figures also confirm that three million foreign migrants came here under the last government (while 880,000 British people left). Only a quarter of net immigration was from the EU while the net inflow […]

Impact Of Government Measures

  2009 New Limit Tier 1 (General) 14,000 1,000 (Exceptional talent) Tier 2 (General) 8,500 20,700 Work Permits (Previous system) 5,200 Nil Intra-Company Transfer 22,000 No limit, but minimum salary of £40,000 Total 49,700 21,700     4,250 Nil A direct comparison is not possible. There is a significant reduction on the 2009 immigration figures […]

23rd November 2010 (Employment, Visas/Work Permits)

Net Migration From The European Union

During the leaders debate held at the time of the last election, Nick Clegg famously claimed that 80% of immigration was from the EU. The latest figures for net immigration (estimates for 2009) show 43,000 net migrants from the EU compared to 226,000 net non-British migrants – just under 20%. If one takes the average […]

Press Release

Background brief: Intra-Company Transfers The Prime Minister announced on 3 November that work permits for Intra-Company Transfers would not be subject to a cap. On 5 November, the Home Secretary, speaking at the Policy Exchange Think Tank, hinted at imposing a minimum salary. Meanwhile, leaks from Brussels suggest that the government will agree to a […]

18th November 2010 (Employment, Visas/Work Permits)

Briefing By The Mayor Of London: Rebuttal

Back Bench Debate on Immigration: The Scale of immigration The GLA Briefing claims (paragraph 4) that "net international migration in 2009 was at its lowest level since mid 1995 which is comparable to the government’s target". This is quite wrong. As the paper recognises elsewhere, net international migration in 2009 is estimated at 196,000; in […]

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