Comment By Sir Andrew Green, Chairman Of Migration Watch Uk, On Immigration Figures

Sir Andrew said that “It is the usual government spin to claim these numbers as a success for immigration policy despite the fact that foreign immigration is virtually unchanged at about half a million a year. What has really happened is that EU citizens have voted with their feet; the number leaving has doubled in […]

Uk’s Population On Track For 70 Million

Government’s own, new survey shows 79% of people want immigration cut Commenting on the release today by the Office of National Statistics of data on migration, the Co-Chairmen of the Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration, Frank Field MP and Nicholas Soames MP, said: “The fall in net migration may well be temporary – as […]

Reform Of The Immigration Appeals System

This is a revised version of briefing paper 8.35, originally published in May 2009 In August 2008 the government published a paper for the purpose of consulting on reforms to the present system for hearing appeals against adverse decisions by the Home Office on asylum and immigration cases. The substance of that paper and Migration […]

13th August 2009 (Asylum, Policy)

World Population Trends Likely To Increase Uk Immigration Levels Still Further.

Even larger immigration flows into the UK than we are currently experiencing will, as a result of world population trends, be almost inevitable unless there is decisive Government action to restrict numbers, says a report out today. The UK population is already forecast to rise to 77m by 2050 – from its current 60 million […]

12th August 2009 (Migration Trends, Population)

New Immigration Polls Find Nearly 80% Of The British Public, Even In His Own Constituency, Think The Home Secretary Is ‘out Of Touch’.

70% of Labour voters in Britain want a sharp cut in immigration. 78% of voters in Alan Johnson’s own constituency oppose his attitude to immigration. New opinion polls, published today, show the Home Secretary is clearly out of touch with the public. Last week Alan Johnson told a House of Commons Committee that ‘he does […]

Both Conservatives And Labour “conning” The Public On Immigration. New Research Shows Neither Party Will Stop Uk’s Population Hitting 70 Million

As the latest immigration Bill comes to the House of Commons on Tuesday for its final approval, new research published today (Briefing Paper 11.13) shows that the immigration policies of neither the Conservative Party nor the Labour Party will stop the UK’s population hitting 70 million – up from 61 million today. The official forecast […]

13th July 2009 (Policy, Population)

Surge In Remittances Points To Sharp Rise In Illegal Immigrants From Pakistan

The number of illegal immigrants from Pakistan in the UK could be as high as 200,000 according to a new report out today which has compared official statistics on the number of Pakistani born workers with a dramatic increase in the level of remittances being sent to that country. An examination of workers remittances shows […]

3rd July 2009 (Economics, Employment, Population)

At Last, The Truth About Immigration And Council House Queue Jumping

By Sir Andrew Green 30 June, 2009 The Government’s announcement yesterday that they are handing councils new powers to give local people priority on the waiting list for social housing is a clear admission that they have been misleading us over the huge impact of immigration on housing. For years, they have been in total […]

Migrationwatch Migrationwatch Comment On Gla Report On Illegal Immigration Issued On 16 June, 2009.

‘These are very expensive proposals which would only make a bad situation worse. On the report’s own figures they would cost £300m in bureaucracy and £3m a week in benefits (our figure is £10m a week. See also Briefing Paper 11.11 – The True Cost of an Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants). It would also cost […]

Immigrants Send £4 Billion A Year Home. Remittances Rise To £11 Million A Day.

New research published today shows that immigrants are now sending home a record £4 billion a year – almost doubling over the last decade – that is almost £11 million a day. This figure is nearly two thirds the amount that the UK Government spends on overseas aid – £6.3 billion in 2008. In comparison, […]

2nd June 2009 (Economics)

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