Huge Cost Of Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Quantified

An amnesty for illegal immigrants would be bound to encourage further illegal immigration, their present number has been seriously underestimated and the lifetime cost would be in the order of £130 billion even on that low estimate of numbers, says a report out today from think-tank Migrationwatch. The report is in reply to a paper […]

Comment: Mass Immigration Deliberate Labour Policy

Following the recent revelation, in the Evening Standard, by Andrew Neather, a former senior adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, about the Government's political agenda to open up Britain's immigration controls to mass immigration Migrationwatch Chairman, Sir Andrew Green said, in The Daily Telgraph that "Now at least the truth is out, […]

26th October 2009 (Policy, Population)

Immigrant Population Has Increased By More Than Two Million In Eight Years

Immigrants have almost doubled under Labour The number of immigrants in the UK has increased by more than two million in the last eight years, says a Government sponsored report – that is nearly 700 a day – entirely consistent with the figure predicted by think tank Migrationwatch in 2002 which at the time was […]

19th October 2009 (Migration Trends, Population)

Conservative Party Conference

Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch, in a press release, said that: It is welcome news that immigration will be a “big priority” for a Conservative Home Office, as Chris Grayling put it. The key will be how the Conservatives annual limit is defined and whether it will be low enough to hold the population […]

8th October 2009 (Population)

New Research Shows Impact Of Immigration On Social Housing

Proportion of foreign born in social housing rises 50% in ten years. New research by Migrationwatch, based on official figures, shows the pressure that uncontrolled immigration has placed – and will place – on social housing. Speaking at the annual conference of the National Housing Federation in London Migrationwatch chairman, Sir Andrew Green said that […]

23rd September 2009 (Housing, Migration Trends, Policy, Population)

Migration Figures, Not Prejudice

Independent Newspaper Letters Column 23 September, 2009. Mark Steel’s column on 9 September, “The Poles might be leaving but the prejudice remains” claimed that most of the apocalyptic warnings of an Eastern European take-over could be traced back to the organisation Migrationwatch. On the contrary, we have been saying for over a year now that […]

Bbc Today Programme: Asylum Seekers, Calais

Sir Andrew Green was interviewed on the Today Programme at 8.35 this morning about the asylum seekers’ camp near Calais, together with Donna Covey, the Chief Executive of the Refugee Council. Sir Andrew said that the reason for people queueing up in Calais must be that Britain was perceived as a “soft touch”. The official […]

19th September 2009 (Amnesty, Asylum, Refugees)

The Economist On-line Debate On International Migration

The Economist’s motion is “This house believes that there is too much international migration”. Migrationwatch Chairman, Sir Andrew Green, is one of the debate’s expert guests. There are opening, rebuttal, and concluding statements from two main debaters, with commentary from the expert guests. The debate, which started on 8 September, is moderated by Adam Roberts, […]

12th September 2009 (Migration Trends, Population)

Should The Uk Stop Trying To Control Immigration?

Migrationwatch Chairman, Sir Andrew Green, will be one of the panellists on BBC Radio 4 ‘Iconoclasts’ programmes on Wednesday, 9 September at 8.02 pm. This live three-part discussion programme, chaired by Ed Stourton, will examine controversial policy suggestions. Philippe Legrain, journalist, will propose that the UK should stop trying to control immigration. His views will […]

How Immigration Affects Population Size

A UK population of 70 million remains very likely within 25 years, despite the probably temporary effect of the recession. That is the conclusion of a report issued today by Migrationwatch. The baby boom and the International Passenger Survey figures released last week have cast the spotlight on the growth in our population. The birth […]

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