World Population Trends Likely To Increase Uk Immigration Levels Still Further.

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Even larger immigration flows into the UK than we are currently experiencing will, as a result of world population trends, be almost inevitable unless there is decisive Government action to restrict numbers, says a report out today.

The UK population is already forecast to rise to 77m by 2050 – from its current 60 million – largely as a result of immigration. This will have huge implications for housing, health, education and the quality of life.

But the burgeoning populations of developing countries around the world are likely to put even more pressure on UK borders in the future.

‘Immigration is already a highly emotive issue. An opinion poll recently commissioned by the all-party Balanced Migration group showed that 7 out of 10 adults want immigration cut by over 80%’, he said.

‘It is no longer good enough for politicians to sweep this issue under the carpet and try to pretend that it’s not a suitable subject for debate because, as our paper shows, things are likely to get more difficult in the future.

‘It can only further undermine trust in politicians if they continue to ignore the very real concerns widely felt across the country,’ he said…

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12th August 2009

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