Both Conservatives And Labour “conning” The Public On Immigration. New Research Shows Neither Party Will Stop Uk’s Population Hitting 70 Million

As the latest immigration Bill comes to the House of Commons on Tuesday for its final approval, new research published today (Briefing Paper 11.13) shows that the immigration policies of neither the Conservative Party nor the Labour Party will stop the UK’s population hitting 70 million – up from 61 million today.

The official forecast is that, in the absence of major policy changes, we will reach this point in 20 years time with nearly all the increase in England.

To avoid the UK population hitting 70 million – nine million more than today – net migration needs to be reduced from 237,000 (the 2007 figure) to 50,000, and held there. This is a 75% reduction.

To stabilise our population at 65 million we need a 100% reduction so that immigration is equal to emigration….

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13th July 2009 - Policy, Population

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