Sir Andrew Green: 10 Reasons Our Visa System Is Rotten To The Core

Commentary in The Daily Mail 30 December, 2009 We got lucky – this time. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian graduate of University College London who tried to blow up a passenger aircraft over Detroit was turned down for a student visa when he applied for one in May. He had been stupid enough to try […]

30th December 2009 (Education, Terrorism, Visas/Work Permits)

Student Visas ‘a Massive Hole’ In Border Controls As Numbers Top 1.5 Million In 8 Years

Nearly 3/4 of visas under the Points Based System are given to students 11/2 million students admitted in just 8 years No checks on how many leave UK Role of Immigration Officers severely undermined   A new report out today reveals that student visas are a massive loophole in our border controls. Nearly three quarters […]

Service Under Strain As ‘migrant A Minute’ Registers With An Nhs Doctor

New research published today reveals the pressure that immigration is placing on the NHS. The research, conducted by Migrationwatch, found that in 2007-8, 605,000 people who arrived from overseas registered with a GP in England and Wales – equivalent to one registration a minute, day and night, throughout the year. This was nearly 100,000 more […]

22nd December 2009 (Asylum, European Union, Health, Policy)

“profile Of Migration Watch”

"Alongside the TaxPayers' Alliance, MigrationWatch is one of Britain's most effective campaigning organisations. "Its Chairman, Sir Andrew Green, has become Britain's most quoted authority on immigration questions." See the full article

New Poll Shows Seven Out Of Ten Want Immigration Slashed

75% worried about impact immigration is having on Britain,5% are pleased. Nearly 2/3rds of Labour voters want immigration sharply cut. On the day that new Government statistics show that immigration in 2008 was 163,000, a new YouGov poll for Migrationwatch UK reveals the vast majority of the public are concerned about immigration and want it […]

26th November 2009 (Migration Trends, Policy, Population)

Immigration Figures Due For Release On 26 November 2009

Background Briefing Annual immigration figures for calendar 2008, the last before the election, will be published by the ONS on Thursday 26 November. The note (Briefing Paper 9.26)puts the figures, and Government claims about their immigration policy, into perspective. We expect the net immigration figure to be about 150,000 compared to 237,000 for 2007 – […]

Sir Andrew Green: The Government’s Points Based Immigration System Is A Potential Disaster

Ministers have perfected a patter when talking about immigration. “We’re sorry – we’ve made mistakes, but we’re now getting it under control with our new, tough, Australian-style Points Based System”, they say. Last week, in his first speech on immigration in two years, Gordon Brown trumpeted the merits of the Points Based System (PBS) for […]

18th November 2009 (Policy, Population, Visas/Work Permits)

The Prime Minister’s Speech Ducked The Impact Of Immigration On Population

November 13, 2009 In his speech on 12 November, the Prime Minster made no mention of the official population projections which show that the population will reach 70 million in 2029. Some commentators have claimed that these projections are "meaningless". Migrationwatch research (see Briefing Paper 9.25) puts this issue in prospective and shows that 70 […]

The Points Based System: Why It Will Not Stop Our Population Hitting 70 Million

November, 11 2009 "At his press conference on 10 November, the Prime Minister claimed that the Goverment's Points Based System "has made a huge difference" to immigration. However, our study of the system reveals very serious weaknesses. We think that it has eliminated the professional judgement of Immigration Officers in favour of a complex box […]

Labour Concealed A Shift In Immigration Policy

In Parliament yesterday the Immigration Minister denied that there had been any change in immigration policy in 2001 nor, therefore, any political motive. However, there is clear evidence of a Labour shift in immigration policy in 2001-2 which was concealed from the public at the time, according to the Briefing Paper by think tank Migrationwatch. Commenting, […]

10th November 2009 (Policy)

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