2.3 Million Immigrants Come To Uk In 16 Years

New Government figures have confirmed just how large has been the scale of immigration into the UK in recent years and show that that the vast majority who come to stay are from the third world. An analysis of the latest immigration statistics from the Office of National Statistics by think-tank Migrationwatch shows that in […]

Access Of Foreign Doctors To Specialist Training In The Uk

The BAPIO (British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin) case was recently decided on final appeal to the House of Lords. It arose out of what can reasonably described as an attempt by the Department of Health to exercise authority in the field of immigration – an exercise which was found by their Lordships to […]

27th May 2008 (Uncategorised)

New Points Based System Likely To Result In Higher Immigration

The Government’s claim that their new Points Based system will result in lower levels of immigration is pure spin. The scheme has no limits and, in fact, will probably result in even higher levels of immigration. It is so complex and bureaucratic, with potentially 26,000 job titles, that it is highly likely to lead to […]

Recent Case Law On Asylum And Immigration

The government has recently suffered a number of setbacks in asylum and immigration cases in the High Court and Court of Appeal. Two cases are summarised in Migrationwatch Briefing Paper 8.25: The Libyan case and the Abu Qatada case.

Overview Of The Dutch Asylum And Immigration System

Dutch methods of regulating migration About the author Dr Jeroen Doomernik is researcher and programme manager at the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) and lecturer in political science at the University of Amsterdam. He holds an MA in social anthropology and a PhD in human geography. Introduction 1. In contrast to the United […]

Observer Publish A Correction

In its edition of 6 April The Observer published an article that, in passing, strongly implied that Migrationwatch had been scaremongering over the health risks of immigration. In accordance with the guidelines of the Press Complaints Commission, we sought a fair opportunity to reply to this misleading and inaccurate material. As a result, the following […]

15th April 2008 (Health)

Sir Andrew Green – Yet Another Apology From Another Newspaper

Last month The Independent published an apology and have agreed to pay costs and damages in respect of potentially libellous allegations against the Chairman of Migrationwatch. Commenting, Sir Andrew Green said "This is now the second such case in recent months. I hope that the press will learn the lesson and recognise the need for […]

2nd April 2008 (Legal Matters)

Devastating Demolition Of The Case For Mass Immigration

An article by Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch UK in The Daily Mail, London 1 April, 2008 Today’s report on immigration from the House of Lords Economic Committee strikes a devastating blow against years of blatant government propaganda. It rejects outright the Government’s argument that a high level of immigration is of economic benefit […]

Migrationwatch Response To Report By The Independent Asylum Commission

Responding to today’s Interim report from the Independent Asylum Commission think-tank Migrationwatch says that the document has completely ignored the fact that in recent years just over 60% of asylum claims in the UK have been rejected as not genuine. ‘Despite its official sounding title, this is a private initiative by a number of charities […]

27th March 2008 (Asylum)

The Lisbon Treaty: More Red-tape Round Our Border Controls?

The Lisbon Treaty could further weaken Britain’s ability to control her own borders, according to a report out today by Migrationwatch. The Treaty now sets the EU the specific aim of developing "common policies" for both asylum and immigration, including uniform standards for asylum. It also widens EU powers to define the rights of legal […]

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