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In its edition of 6 April The Observer published an article that, in passing, strongly implied that Migrationwatch had been scaremongering over the health risks of immigration.

In accordance with the guidelines of the Press Complaints Commission, we sought a fair opportunity to reply to this misleading and inaccurate material. As a result, the following letter was published in their edition of 13 April:

No TB catastrophe

An Observer article last week by David Rose alleged that Migrationwatch had foretold a ‘catastrophe’ from TB among immigrants to Britain. We have said nothing of the kind. We have simply called for testing of medical staff recruited to Britain from countries that have a very high incidence of communicable diseases.

Commenting, the Chairman of Migrationwatch said, "To give the newspaper its due, a corrective letter was agreed as soon as the matter was drawn to the attention of the Editor."

15th April 2008 - Health

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