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In ‘The truth Migration Watch doesn’t want you to know’ (Opinion, last week), Jasper Gerard completely misrepresents our position. We, too, favour integration. Indeed, we regard it as essential to the future harmony of our society. We just don’t believe it is possible at present rates of immigration.

The government’s own figures show that foreign immigrants are arriving at 1,300 a day and leaving at only 500 a day. The net inflow under Labour has been two million and immigration will now add a further one million to our population every five years. In practical terms, we will have to build 200 houses every day of the week for the next 20 years just to house new immigrants.

By all means let us strive for integration, but first make the task manageable by getting the inflow sharply down.

AF Green
Chairman, Migration Watch UK Guildford, Surrey

1st October 2007 - Cohesion, Housing, Migration Trends, Population

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