Simplification Of Immigration Law: Tidying Up Legislation

Submission by Migrationwatch in response to the Border & Immigration Agency of the Home Office Consultation Document.

The Border and Immigration Agency of the Home Office (successor to the Immigration and Nationality Directorate) recently published a consultation paper…….

The latest addition, the UK Borders Bill, is another substantial piece of legislation currently going through the House of Lords, having passed all its stages in the Commons. Since 1993 successive Acts have been passed in attempts by the government to cope with the ever increasing problems posed by the rising tide of immigrants, legal and otherwise, and asylum seekers. Successive Acts invariably contain substantial amendments and repeals of provisions in earlier Acts, making it increasingly difficult to ascertain just what the law is on a particular topic. The fifth edition of the Handbook of Immigration Law, published in 2007 and referred to in our Briefing Paper 8.16, runs to over 1200 pages.

29th June 2007 - Asylum, Legal Matters, Policy, Refugees

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