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Founded in 2001, we have a clear track record of getting our estimates right.

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Migration Watch UK responds to Illegal Migration Bill amendments

Migration Watch UK responds to Illegal Migration Bill amendments to: Prevent the application of Rule 39 Disapply Sections 4, 6 and 10 of the Human Rights Act Imposing a statutory…
28 March, 2023 - Press Release

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Does Britain think immigration is too high?
Polling is central to modern politics. For governments, it is a means of testing public reaction to policies. More and more nowadays it is done with focus groups to test the popularity or otherwise of
24 March, 2023
No, migration doesn't prevent recessions
Immigration saving the Economy? Nonsense! Following the Spring Budget Statement, media commentators, as well as the usual open-borders and immigration enthusiasts, leapt on the Chancellor’s imp
20 March, 2023

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Emily Thornberry refuses to answer BBC QT question over housing migrants in barracks
Express (31-Mar-2023)
The Shadow Attorney General appeared to tie herself in knots when she was pressed on Labour's stance on housing asylum seekers
Immigrants now make up 10 percent of France's population, says statistics agency
France 24 (31-Mar-2023)
More than a third of immigrants in France in 2021 had acquired French citizenship, it said
Braverman's migrant crisis solution only works in the short term. There's a far bigger problem that must be fixed, says Stephen Dixon
GB News (31-Mar-2023)
Housing thousands of migrants in hotels across the UK has proved to be hugely controversial, not to mention hugely expensive at more than £6million
Fury at new migrant plan in tiny English village that faces almost doubling its population
Express (31-Mar-2023)
Furious residents have accused Robert Jenrick of "piling" the nation's asylum seeker pressure onto their tiny Essex village
Radical chic charities
The Critic (30-Mar-2023)
The modern charity sinecure is unabashedly radical, and increasingly commands an immense amount of power and capital

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