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Gangster dubbed ‘Godfather of traffickers’ ruled Calais Jungle and made £365k a month smuggling illegal migrants into UK

Iraqi Kurd crime lord Twana Jamal's evil empire was smashed by cops - ending the smuggler's reign as King of the Jungle.

The Sun - 27 Sep 2016

Corrections and clarifications

Contrary to our report, Migration Watch UK said there should be no restrictions on EU tourists, business visitors, students, or retired people.

The Times - 26 Sep 2016

Testing of foreign nurses gets easier: Hospital trust relaxes rules after just eight out of 220 applicants passed the English language exam

A hospital has relaxed language tests on foreign nurses after fewer than one in 20 passed the test Read more:

Daily Mail - 26 Sep 2016

End low-skilled immigration. Work permits are the way to secure Brexit Britain's borders , writes Migration Watch UK's Lord Green

The public have voted for control of EU migration. Control must mean a substantial reduction in numbers.

Telegraph - 26 Sep 2016

Migration of skilled workers from EU 'should be restricted to 30,000 per year'

Migration of highly-skilled workers from the EU to Britain should be restricted to 30,000 a year, according to a campaign group.

Press Association - 21 Sep 2016

Limit Post-Brexit EU Immigration to 30,000, Migration Watch Says

The U.K. should limit the number of work permits issued to European Union nationals to 30,000 a year.

Bloomberg - 21 Sep 2016

Is government delivering on its migration promises?

We track the progress the government is making - or not - in achieving the promises made by the Conservatives in their 2015 election manifesto.

BBC News - 19 Sep 2016

Swiss MPs to ignore voters on migrant curb

The Swiss parliament is set to defy voters and water down proposals to curb immigration in an effort to preserve its trade ties with the EU.

The Times - 19 Sep 2016

UK facing more than 40,000 asylum applications this year as migrants turn to 'covert methods', report finds

Britain faces more than 40,000 asylum applications this year as migrants increasingly resort to using “covert” methods to get into Europe.

Telegraph - 16 Sep 2016

Sadiq Khan: Rapid immigration is leading to communities feeling isolated

Sadiq Khan will warn that some new communities in London are becoming “increasingly segregated” as rapid immigration transforms parts of the city.

Evening Standard - 16 Sep 2016

No substantive talks for 12 months, Herman Van Rompuy predicts

Substantive Brexit talks between the UK and the rest of the EU unlikely to start much before the end of 2017, former European Council president says.

BBC News - 15 Sep 2016

Teach integration to prevent extremism, Government-backed review expected to say

Schools should teach integration as part of the curriculum, a Government-backed review is expected to recommend.

Telegraph - 15 Sep 2016

Here's how to reform immigration to ensure better paid, better trained Britons

As long as the immigration crutch remains, the incentive for employers to invest more in training remains limited, writes David Goodhart.

Telegraph - 14 Sep 2016

Visa scheme will help farmers find 75,000 migrant workers

Tens of thousands of foreign workers could get temporary visas to pick fruit and vegetables under government plans.

The Times - 13 Sep 2016

Post-Brexit Britain will only accept highly-skilled workers with well-paid job offers

Home Secretary Amber Rudd set to adopt tough work permit system to ensure new arrivals from Europe are slashed.

The Sun - 13 Sep 2016


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