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Theresa May plans new immigration crackdown on student visas

The new government is preparing the ground for a fresh crackdown on immigration amid concerns that universities have become an easy route in.

Telegraph - 25 Jul 2016

The Home Office STILL is not fit for purpose, blasts Jonathan Foreman

The UK may be about to see a sea change in the often chaotic ways that it has managed migration in recent years.

Express - 25 Jul 2016

McGuinness 'cannot see how Common Travel Area can survive'

Martin McGuinness has said he cannot see how the Common Travel Area between Northern Ireland and the Republic could survive in Brexit negotiations.

BBC News - 22 Jul 2016

Surge in migrant ‘lorry drops’ overwhelms border officers

The number of migrants found in the backs of lorries or cars in Britain more than doubled to 6,400 last year.

The Times - 22 Jul 2016

Welcome words on immigration, Mrs May - now for action on the issue voters desperately want dealt with after years of broken promises and lip service

What voters desperately want, after years of broken promises and politicians paying lip service to their concerns, is action and results.

Daily Mail - 21 Jul 2016

Amber Rudd aims to reduce UK immigration to 'sustainable levels'

Home secretary casts doubts on future of government’s target to cut net migration to tens of thousands during this parliament.

The Guardian - 20 Jul 2016

Frank Field: We need a blueprint that delivers new homes and builders

The Brexit era should bring investment and skills-led growth. Two particular programmes are required: on homes and transport.

The Times - 20 Jul 2016

Britain will need 750,000 extra school places within the next TEN years due to a migration-fuelled population boom new figures show

Three quarters of a million new school places are needed in England in the next ten years amid a baby boom fuelled by migration.

Mail Online - 18 Jul 2016

Commission stays course on migration after Brexit

The European Commission’s migration chief says there are no plans to rethink the bloc’s migration policy after the British vote to leave the EU.

Politico - 12 Jul 2016

The number of Polish passport enquiries rises by a staggering 10,000 per cent since Brexit vote

Private companies are now also advertising Polish citizenship and passports for sale

The Sun - 11 Jul 2016

Health tourists jump NHS queue: Foreign patients given eye surgery while Britons wait for months

Health tourists are jumping the queue ahead of NHS patients for life-changing cataract operations, an investigation has revealed.

Mail Online - 11 Jul 2016

The UK's EU referendum: All you need to know

This article is designed to be an easy-to-understand guide now that the UK has voted to leave the European Union.

BBC News - 24 Jun 2016

UK population 'rises 500,000 to 65million': Figure has gone up by nearly five million in just ten years

The country’s population has passed the 65million mark, new official figures are likely to show today.

Mail Online - 23 Jun 2016

GPs are seeing 150,000 more patients a day than just seven years ago

Increase in patient numbers blamed on ageing population and migration.

Mail Online - 22 Jun 2016

Port of Calais closed for two hours as migrants swim in the harbour trying to board ferries to Britain

Dock workers said the migrants are risking their lives in the middle of the night out of desperation.

The Sun - 21 Jun 2016


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