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We cannot let migrants shop around for sanctuary

A summit to raise funds for refugees would do better to scrap our outdated asylum rules.

The Times - 3 Feb 2016

EU law 'veto powers' to be unveiled

National parliaments will get new powers to block 'unwanted' EU law as part of the UK's renegotiations with Brussels, Downing Street sources say.

BBC News - 2 Feb 2016

Berlin leads plan to ferry migrants from Greece into Turkey

Every migrant entering Greece across the Aegean Sea would be returned to Turkey under plans being drawn up by European countries.

The Times - 29 Jan 2016

Leaving EU 'would cut migration by 100,000' - Migration Watch

Net migration could fall by about 100,000 a year if the UK leaves the EU and introduces work permits for EU citizens, a pressure group has said.

BBC News - 27 Jan 2016

This open-door immigration policy cannot go on

The Prime Minister's case to remain in the EU will be seriously undermined unless we can get an effective deal on Britain's borders

Telegraph Online - 26 Jan 2016

Migrant crisis: EU at grave risk, warns France PM Valls

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has warned that the migration crisis is putting the EU at grave risk.

BBC News - 22 Jan 2016

France presses for child refugees to reach UK

French officials have been ordered to identify refugees, mainly unaccompanied minors, able to claim asylum in Britain because they have family here.

The Times - 22 Jan 2016

Theresa May to charge firms employing skilled migrants

Home secretary aims to cut flow of skilled non-EU migrants by 20% a year.

The Guardian - 19 Jan 2016

Battle lines drawn over migrant crossings

There are signs that a whole battery of measures planned to restrict the traffic in people is starting to have an effect.

BBC News - 13 Jan 2016

Asylum applications to the UK more than double in ten months to 5,095

The number of migrants seeking asylum in Britain has more than doubled in ten months and has now reached a record 5,000 applications per month.

Mail Online - 6 Jan 2016

Borderless EU collapsing under strain of migrant chaos

The EU's dream of free movement within the Schengen zone faced ruin last night as Sweden imposed full border checks.

The Sun - 5 Jan 2016

Immigration is Britain's biggest worry, say voters

Immigration remains the biggest concern for Britons, theTimes/YouGov poll suggests.

The Times - 4 Jan 2016

Migrants allowed to settle by alleging domestic abuse

Immigrants are being allowed to settle permanently in Britain on the basis of unchecked claims that they have suffered domestic abuse...

The Times - 31 Dec 2015

Stalling UK wage growth set to revive debate over migrant workers

Up to 400,000 jobs expected to be created in 2016, but pool of skilled migrant labour will make it hard to restore pay to pre-crash levels.

The Guardian - 30 Dec 2015

More than a third of NHS doctors born abroad

Critics attack 'revolving door' immigration policies that see UK spending billions training medics who go abroad.

Telegraph Online - 29 Dec 2015


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