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Human Rights Act will be scrapped in favour of British Bill of Rights

The Human Rights Act will be scrapped in favour of a British Bill of Rights by the new Government, the Justice Secretary has pledged.

Telegraph - 23 Aug 2016

‘We want you back!’ Eastern Europe launches mass campaign for migrants to return from UK

The ‘brain drain’ costs Eastern European countries an average of seven per cent of their gross domestic product every year.

Express - 22 Aug 2016

Judge who rejects most claims despairs at how only a tiny few actually leave Britain

You must believe me when I say this: our immigration controls are broken and and the country cannot cope.

Mail on Sunday - 22 Aug 2016

Eastern European workers in UK pass one million

The number of UK workers from eight eastern European countries that joined the EU in 2004 has passed one million for the first time.

BBC News - 18 Aug 2016

Patients at risk from EU doctors who can barely speak English

Patients are put at risk by EU rules that prevent officials properly testing the language skills of doctors, dentists and nurses, experts warn.

Daily Mail - 18 Aug 2016

MIGRATION CAUSES LOWER PAY: Soaring rise in immigration ‘has cost blue collar Brits £450’

Left-leaning think tank says number of migrants has forced workers to tighten belts.

The Sun - 17 Aug 2016

Asylum seeker system must be overhauled by Home Office, says Migration Watch chief Alanna Thomas

Migration Watch's Alanna Thomas has called for the Home Office to overhaul its system to deal with asylum claims.

Talk Radio - 17 Aug 2016

Tens of thousands of illegal migrants exploit flaws to remain in Britain

More than a third of asylum applications are being made by migrants who are illegally in the country or have overstayed their visas.

The Times - 15 Aug 2016

The EU’s cherished free-movement rights are less secure than they seem

A recent IMF report found that post-communist emigration from eastern European countries has stunted their growth and strained public finances.

Economist - 15 Aug 2016

Six in ten say migration puts pressure on NHS, schools and housing

Six in ten British voters think immigration is piling too much pressure on schools, hospitals and housing – well above the worldwide average.

Daily Mail - 12 Aug 2016

NHS at breaking point from overuse and budget cuts as 175 GPs across England REFUSE to take new patients

The number of GP practices trying to stop taking on new patients has more than doubled in the last year.

The Sun - 12 Aug 2016

Blow for migrant deal as Turkey rejects EU terror law demands

Minister deals a fresh blow to the fragile deal between the EU and Ankara that has helped stem the flow of refugees and migrants to European shores.

FT - 9 Aug 2016

The crisis is so grave that we need a minister for migration

Think-tank Policy Exchange offers some practical proposals for curbing Britain’s soaring population.

Mail Online - 9 Aug 2016

PM 'needs bureau' to monitor new arrivals to UK and beat border bungles, says Policy Exchange

Theresa May should set up a new Immigration Ministry to cut massive inflows into Britain, a think tank argues today.

The Sun - 8 Aug 2016

Bring in Australian points-based immigration system by 2020, ex-cabinet ministers say

Theresa May must adopt an Australian points-based immigration system by 2020 or face a backlash from Brexit voters, two former cabinet ministers say.

Telegraph - 8 Aug 2016


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