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Paris attacks deter migrant smugglers

The number of refugees arriving on the Greek islands in the Aegean all but dried up after the terrorist attacks in Paris as people-traffickers...

Times Online - 25 Nov 2015

Europe CANNOT take any more migrants, says French PM.

Europe is stretched to it limits and cannot take in any more migrants, according to the French Prime Minister.

Mail Online - 25 Nov 2015

Paris attacks 'exploited' by immigration critics, claims Juncker

President of the European Commission says no link between refugee crisis and terrorism, as he vows to defend Schengen as France and Malta announce...

Telegraph Online - 23 Nov 2015

Europe needs to police its borders better if it is serious about fighting terrorism

Telegraph View: Gaps in intelligence and borders can prove fatal

Telegraph Online - 20 Nov 2015

EU in emergency talks on border crackdown

EU ministers are to hold emergency talks on Friday on tightening border checks after the killing of the...

Guardian Online - 20 Nov 2015

EU ministers to discuss tightening borders

European Union interior ministers are discussing tightening the external borders of the passport-free Schengen area in response to the Paris attacks.

BBC News Online - 20 Nov 2015

Public abandons support for Syrian refugees coming to Britain

Public support for allowing Syrian refugees to settle in Britain has slumped, a poll for The Times shows.

The Times - 18 Nov 2015

Syrian refugee group set to arrive in UK

About 100 Syrian refugees are due to land in the UK - the largest group to arrive since the government expanded its resettlement scheme in September.

BBC News - 17 Nov 2015

Europe must have stronger borders

The EU elites are desperate to shore up the Schengen area, because if it collapses, then so does one of the key pillars of the post-Maastricht Union.

Telegraph Online - 16 Nov 2015

Double-decker trains to ease overcrowding on busy lines

Double-decker trains could be introduced on some of the UK’s busiest railway lines under new proposals to ease overcrowding.

Times Onine - 16 Nov 2015

New EU migrant blow to Cameron: Workforce soars by 430,000 - but 325,000 have come in from Europe

Three in four people who have found a job in Britain in the last year are from elsewhere in the European Union, damning new statistics show.

Mal Online - 12 Nov 2015

Sweden introduces border checks to control the flow of migrants after police say the influx is 'a risk to public order'

Sweden will impose temporary border controls from today to control a record influx of migrants after police warned it was a threat to public order.

Mail Online - 12 Nov 2015

Migrant Boom

THE staggering new employment figures illustrate two things: Britain is booming, but it is almost entirely fuelled by ­immigration we are powerless...

The Sun - 12 Nov 2015

Migrant crisis: We need to 'smash' trafficking gangs - PM

David Cameron has said more needs to be done to "smash the criminal gangs" who are exploiting the migrant crisis.

BBC News - 12 Nov 2015

The migrant crisis is a mere gust of the hurricane that will soon engulf Europe

Huge population growth in Africa and Asia makes it imperative the EU manages its borders — and promote stability abroad

Telegraph Online - 11 Nov 2015


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