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Miliband Still In Denial On Labour’s Immigration Failure – They Didn’t “see It”, They Caused It

Net foreign immigration under Labour was over three million yet their leader’s only reference to immigration in his Conference speech was a single sentence: “And we have seen immigration policy which didn’t work for the people whose jobs, living standards and communities were affected”. “They didn’t see it. They caused it”, said Sir Andrew Green, […]

27th September 2011 (Employment, European Union, Population)

Immigration Close To Record Levels: Non Uk Born Workers Increase By 1.7 Million In Ten Years

Today’s new figures Net migration in the year to last September was the highest for 5 years at 242,000, up 96,000 on the previous year. This is close to the record level of 260,000 set in the year to June 2005. British emigration was unchanged from last year at 43,000 but was still low compared […]

The European Convention On Human Rights: Recent Developments

A recent report by Civitas, otherwise the Institute for the Study of Civil Society, under the title of “Strasbourg in the Dock: Prisoner voting, human rights and the case for democracy” has trenchantly analysed some of the current problems with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and in particular with the functioning of the […]

North African Crisis Could Test The Asylum System To Destruction

The recent instability caused by revolutionary change and military conflict in some Arab countries in North Africa has the potential to generate substantial flows of migrants into the EU. EU Ministers will meet on 11 May to consider what might be done. Some migrants will be genuine refugees but many will be economic migrants. Anyone […]

Secret Cable Plan Could Double Flow Of Economic Migrants

Just as the Prime Minister is promising that "this year the government is determined to help deliver many thousands of new jobs", Vince Cable is secretly negotiating a deal that will admit tens of thousands of Indian workers to Britain. The deal is part of a Free Trade Agreement being negotiated between the EU and […]

New Wave Of East European Workers Takes Lion’s Share Of New Jobs And Puts Government Immigration Target At Risk

Figures published today[1] show that there were nearly 300,000 more people in employment in the UK in the third quarter of 2010 compared to the same period in 2009. However, nearly half of these jobs went to foreign nationals, including 98,000 extra workers from the new East European members of the EU. There were also an extra […]

19th January 2011 (Employment, European Union)

The Latest Immigration Statistics

25 November, 2010 The latest migration statistics confirm that immigration has continued at the high levels of the past five years. The figures also confirm that three million foreign migrants came here under the last government (while 880,000 British people left). Only a quarter of net immigration was from the EU while the net inflow […]

Net Migration From The European Union

During the leaders debate held at the time of the last election, Nick Clegg famously claimed that 80% of immigration was from the EU. The latest figures for net immigration (estimates for 2009) show 43,000 net migrants from the EU compared to 226,000 net non-British migrants – just under 20%. If one takes the average […]

23rd November 2010 (European Union, Population)

Brussels Leak Reveals Britain To Take Major Share Of Indian It Workers

Documents leaked from the European Commission reveal the true state of negotiations with India for the preferential admission of IT workers to the EU. The UK's quota for some worker categories 40% of the entire EU commitment – almost three times that of Germany and almost seven times that of France. The Commission is preparing […]

Eu Deal Means British Jobs For Indian Workers

At just the time that the government is calling on the private sector to create jobs, they are negotiating in secret an agreement between the EU and India that would allow an unlimited number of Indian specialists to do work in Britain that has not been first offered to British workers. This could well blast […]

25th October 2010 (Employment, European Union, Policy)

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