November 2021

Housing asylum claimants in hotels costs £70 million per year (or more)

As of 28 February 2021, there were approximately 8,700 people accommodated in under 90 different hotels acro…

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Our border is not secure

The news that the Liverpool bomber was a rejected asylum seeker prompted some tough questions this…

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Immigration data blind spots

This week we highlighted yet another instance of the government all but giving up on enforcement o…

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Crossings surge, arrests plummet

We released a new analysis which remarkably showed that – even as illegal arrivals by boat h…

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Control’s pointless with no reduction

There are increasing calls from big business and the immigration lobby for ever more loosening of the visa s…

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How many taxpayer-funded mobile phones have been given to illegal immigrants?

Tens of thousands of taxpayer-funded mobile phones are being handed to foreign criminals who are subject to …

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Channel crossings are a scandal but illegal entries via all routes are rising fast

Illegal entries via different routes are information provided by the Home Office suggests there have been at…

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