July 2021

Record Highs For Illegal Crossings

The biggest story this week didn’t turn out to be ‘Freedom Day’ – mainly because it wasn’t – but the mayhem on the Channel. This week has seen record numbers crossing over from France. On Monday 430 people came, 287 followed on Tuesday and by mid-week the daily count was 219. The total for the year is […]

26th July 2021 (Newsletters)

Mass Immigration’s Coming Back

As we approach freedom day (sort of), the big question for us is how long it will be before immigration reverts to its pre-pandemic levels. We firmly believe that it won’t take very long at all. The problem is, at this important juncture, the government have abandoned the method that has been used over many years to […]

19th July 2021 (Newsletters)

We’ve Heard All The Tough Talk Before

The Home Secretary has shown courage with the proposals in the Nationality and Borders Bill presented in Parliament this week. The Opposition, NGOs and open borders commentariat lost no time in denouncing the Bill. There is of course no question of our going to the aid of genuine refugees fleeing persecution, as we always have. […]

13th July 2021 (Newsletters)

The Uk’s Population Is Soaring

New estimates from the ONS put the UK population at a staggering 67 million for the first time ever (a rise of nearly 4 million in a decade and eight million since 2001). Perhaps we have already reached 70 million. We only say that in light of the baffling official underestimate of the number EU citizens here – we […]


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