June 2021

Why Immigration Control Matters – The Views Of Three Thinkers

These arguments help to present a case for border control and reduced immigration on the grounds of positive, liberal and common-sense ideas of what a nation is and what borders serve to protect

British People Want A Reduction In Immigration

We have published new figures showing that nearly six in ten (57%) of the British population think there should be a reduction in immigration. See our polling summary. A Deltapoll conducted earlier this month found that 77% of 2019 Conservative voters wanted a reduction in immigration, as did 72% in areas that the Conservatives newly won at the last election. Separately, recent findings […]

28th June 2021 (Newsletters)

We Can Solve Illegal Channel Crossings

The number of people who have crossed the Channel in 2021 hit 5000 this week. That is more than two-and-a-half times the number who crossed this time last year. If it continues at the current rate, we can expect well over 20,000 coming illegally across the Channel by the end of the year. Sadly, there will also be […]

21st June 2021 (Newsletters)

The Great British Immigration Con

Nearly 1,600 people have illegally crossed the Channel since the start of the late May Bank Holiday weekend (see our Channel Tracking Station). On Saturday, a Border Force vessel entered French waters to pick up migrants and take them to Dover. On Tuesday, a further 179 in six dinghies were escorted by Border Force into our waters. Meanwhile, Lucy Moreton, […]

18th June 2021 (Newsletters)

No Removals Of Illegal Channel Immigrants This Year

There have been no removals in 2021 of illegal cross-Channel migrants to safe European countries. Home Office statistics revealed that no migrants were sent back to safe EU countries in the first quarter of 2021 (January to March 2021), despite a supposed crackdown on “inadmissible” asylum claims, because governments including France will not accept them. […]

What Do The Public Think About Illegal Channel Crossings?

A YouGov poll published in June 2021 made clear that the public are opposed the scandal of illegal crossings from safe countries. It revealed: 60% of the public think that illegal migrants should be banned from claiming asylum, compared to around a fifth who think the opposite. 64% of people think that removing people deemed […]

Where Is The Crackdown?

Bright weather, calm seas and light winds on a spring bank holiday and, guess what, illegal Channel crossings shoot up (as reported by the BBC). And yet, it seems that every time this happens, as it did over the bank holiday weekend, the Home Office throws its hands up in surprise and tells us how many the French stopped […]

9th June 2021 (Newsletters)


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