May 2021

A ‘smoke And Mirrors’ Immigration Plan

The government absurdly claims that its plan for non-UK national arrivals (still on a massive scale) delivers ‘firmer’ control of immigration. Meanwhile, the Home Secretary dodged answering a question on whether immigration would be reduced, dismissing it as the ‘language of old’. This was not what she said in February last year or indeed what she […]

27th May 2021 (Newsletters)

The Rule Of Law Matters

Enforcement of the law was thwarted by a mob in Glasgow a week ago, encouraged by Nicola Sturgeon and her justice minister, Humza Yousaf, and other politicians,  – like Labour MSP, Paul Sweeney, who issued a tweet that included a map of how to get to where the detained men and immigration enforcement officials were […]

Immigration Control Helps Cohesion

Former EU Brexit negotiator Michael Barnier announced this week that he thinks France should ‘possibly’ suspend immigration from outside the EU for the next five years. As columnist Stephen Glover wrote in the Daily Mail, this seems to suggest that the UK’s desire to reclaim border sovereignty may not have been so xenophobic and small minded after all. Glover goes on […]

Voters Still Care About Borders

There was further evidence of the perception gap on the issue of immigration between the public and the political establishment this week. The immigration-at-all-costs priorities of our leaders was reflected perfectly in the new trade deal with India, which will allow Indian nationals have even easier access to the UK for work and study. This comes in […]

Time To Have Your Say

As some readers of this E-mail may know, the Home Office is holding a consultation on the plans to reform the asylum system announced by the Home Secretary on March 24. This really is an opportunity for you to have your say on what you would like to happen. Priti Patel has said that the main objectives of […]

Home Secretary Dodges Question Of Whether Immigration Will Go Up Or Down

In November 2019 (before the most recent General Election), the Home Secretary pledged that immigration would come down as a result of planned reforms to the immigration system. See Times article – ‘Election 2019: We will reduce migration, pledges Patel‘, November 2019. Immigration by non-UK citizens has run at about 560,000 per year (2015-20), with […]

Uk’s Eight Million Population Rise Drives Congestion, Gridlock And Declining Quality Of Life

The relentless expansion of the UK’s population is coming to a head as new figures from the ONS suggest that the country has reached the landmark level of 67 million

Experimental Official Research: Net Migration In Year To June 2020 Was 247,000

According to new provisional estimates by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), net migration from overseas to the UK in the year ending June 2020 was just over 247,000. Total long-term immigration by all citizenships was estimated at 622,000 and total emigration was estimated at 375,000. This would be about 40,000 higher than the net […]

Our Written Evidence On The Government’s Proposed Asylum Reforms

The government announced changes to the immigration and asylum system in March 2021. See the Home Secretary’s statement to Parliament on the government’s proposals. A policy statement is available here. Migration Watch UK welcomes the government’s renewed efforts to deter illegal immigration and tackle asylum abuse. Illegal entry is “most common method of entry for […]


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