International Students: The Case For Refining Their Visa Regime

Summary 1. The Tier 4 student visa should be divided into three visas, one for each type of study: University, Further Education, and English Language. This would allow for a better understanding of the international student sector and for greater flexibility in entry requirements that properly reflects the different risks that exist in each part […]

19th February 2014 (Education)

Press Comment On Bbc Panorama Programme On Student Visa Scandal

Commenting on the BBC Panorama programme on student visas, Alp Mehmet Vice Chairman of Migration Watch UK said: "This Panorama programme is clear evidence of abuse that must have been apparent to a fair number of people in the education sector.  This may help to explain why only about one third of the two hundred […]

11th February 2014 (Education, Visas/Work Permits)

Fraudulently Obtained Visas

There are reports in today’s newspapers of fraud on an industrial scale by which applicants for student visas are enabled to arrange for fluent English speakers to present them for the purpose of being tested on their proficiency in English.  It will be the subject of a Panorama programme on 10 February. Any applicant indulging […]

Latest Population Projections For The Uk

  1. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) revises its population projections for the UK every two years.  The 2012 based projections have recently been published. [1] 2. The population is currently around 64 million. By the end of the next Parliament it is projected to have grown by 3 million people – six times the population […]

Lib Dem Immigration Policy “vacuous”

Last night on the BBC2 programme “The truth about immigration”, Vince Cable was dismissive of the government’s immigration objective and suggested that it was time to be “practical”. As it happens, the Lib Dem think tank Centre Forum has just published a paper, sprinkled with quotations from Vince Cable, entitled “The business case for immigration […]

9th January 2014 (Policy, Visas/Work Permits)

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