Ict Visas And The Immigration Figures Are The Home Office Fiddling The Figures?

Last week there were press reports that the government was going to ‘massage’ the immigration figures by shortening  the short term Intra Company Transfer (ICT) route to less than one year so as to take 20,000 out of the immigration figures [1].  However, by no means all will be coming for a full year thus […]

The Deeply Flawed Prospectus Of Conservatives For Managed Migration

By Sir Andrew GreenChairman of Migration Watch UK Mark Field’s launch on Tuesday of a new group “Conservatives for Managed Migration” received a warm welcome from the immigration lobby and from the Labour party but it is hard to take them seriously. The group appears to have very little knowledge of the actual policy issues […]

House Of Lords Select Committee On The Constitution Findings On The Immigration Bill

The Select Committee brings three clauses of the Immigration Bill to the attention of the house.  Read the Full Briefing Paper No 8.76

19th March 2014 (Legal Matters)

Migration Watch Paper On The Fiscal Effects Of Immigration To The Uk And The Response From Cream

1. CReAM has responded to our paper by misrepresenting the points we made without answering them[1]. Perhaps this was a ploy to distract attention from the weaknesses we have identified but it is not what we should expect from an academic institution. 2. The Migration Watch analysis is anything but the “violent attack” claimed. On […]

13th March 2014 (Economics)

Immigrants Have Cost The Tax Payer Over £140 Billion Since 1995

Recent immigrants from 2001 to 2011 might have cost over £25 bn. Migration Watch UK today issued a new assessment of the cost of immigration to the tax payer. The outcome is that immigrants cost the taxpayer over £140 billion or more than £22 million a day over the 17 years 1995 – 2011. The Migration […]

The Impacts Of Migration On Uk Native Employment

Summary 1.  The government review of the literature on the impact of immigration on UK native employment focused on the link between immigration and unemployment. It concluded that there was evidence of labour market displacement in times of recession but relatively little evidence in times of economic growth. The other aspect, that the majority of […]

12th March 2014 (Economics, Employment)

The Institute Of Directors And Immigration

The Institute of Directors (IoD) have been busy of late. Earlier last week Simon Walker, the Director General, argued in a debate that London needed more immigration. Later in the week, Mr Walker described a speech made by James Brokenshire, the Minister of State for Immigration, as ‘feeble and pathetic’. (See here) Mr Brokenshire’s crime?  […]

The Story Of Net Migration – 1975-2013

In a major blow to one of the government’s flagship commitments, the latest data shows that net migration in the year to September 2013 reached 212,000, just 40,000 shy of the largest net flow into Britain since passenger flows have been recorded. Net migration on the present scale is unprecedented in history. Between 1975 and […]

The Latest Immigration Figures Are Grist To The Mill For Euro-sceptics

By Sir Andrew GreenChairman of Migration Watch UK 28 February, 2014 Yesterday’s immigration figures are clearly bad news for the Government.  A doubling of net migration from the EU to 130,000 in the year to last September has blown them off course.  A continued inflow from Poland seems to have been augmented by workers from Italy, […]

Migration Watch Uk Press Comment On The National Statistics Of Romanians And Bulgarians In Uk

The Office for National Statistics has today released its quarterly Labour Market Statistics which show that the number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in the UK in the period October-December 2013 was estimated to be 144,000. This is compared to 102,000 for the same period in 2012, an increase of 41 percent.  Commenting on these figures, Sir […]

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