Response To The Institute Of Directors On Student Immigration Reforms

In response to the statement issued by the Institute of Directors on the student visa reforms Sir Andrew Green commented: “The Institute of Directors' statement is deeply misleading and self serving with an arrogant disregard not only for public opinion generally but also for the 20% of recent British graduates who are still unemployed. It is […]

15th February 2012 (Education, Employment)

Response To Home Office Statement On Student Visas

Today the Home Office issued a statement on planned changes to the student immigration route to which Universities UK responded.  Commenting, Sir Andrew Green said: "With 20% of recent British graduates unemployed it beggars belief that Universities want still more foreign graduates to be able to stay on and work. These new regulations need further tightening, not […]

13th February 2012 (Education, Employment)

Response To Guardian Editorial On Immigration

By Sir Andrew GreenChairmanMigration Watch UK The following is Migration Watch's response to an editorial in the Guardian edition of 2 February entitled "Immigration: dubious means to an uncertain end".We offered it to their web site "Comment is free" but it was rejected, apparently on the grounds that the web site does not publish comments […]

New Immigration Rules

Interview with migrationwatch UK on Damian Green’s new #Immigration Rules. youtube.com/watch?v=8eNI13…  

4th February 2012 (Policy, Population, Visas/Work Permits)

Ons Released Further Population Projections

Today, the ONS released further population projections based on varying net migration estimates. Commenting, Sir Andrew Green said: "These latest official projections underline the huge importance of the government keeping to its promise to get net migration down below 100,000. Even at 100,000 these figures show that our population will reach 70 million in less than […]

Migration Advisory Committee’s Report ‘an Analysis Of The Impacts Of Migration’

In response to the findings published today by the Migration Advisory Committee, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: "This is a thoroughly professional report. The committee have had the courage to say straight out that immigration can add to unemployment, especially during a recession. They are also right to draw attention to impacts […]

Youth Unemployment: Response To Matt Cavanagh

Cavanagh's New Statesman blog employs a well tried technique commonly known as the "straw man". Apart from various disobliging remarks, it is largely devoted to showing that there is no statistical evidence that immigration causes youth unemployment. Indeed so. We made the point ourselves. He also says that the recession was a major factor. We […]

9th January 2012 (Employment, European Union)

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