‘if The Tories Are Serious About Immigration It Will Be In The Manifesto’

Commentary By Sir Andrew Green Chairman of Migration Watch UK The Times, London, 11 January, 2010 It was good to see an Archbishop give the political system a hefty kick last week. Lord Carey’s courageous intervention in support of the cross-party group called Balanced Migration certainly caught the attention of the public and gave a […]

Massive Increase In Family Visitors – Appeals Now Cost Tax Payers £1 Million A Week

Appeals against the decision of immigration officials to refuse family visas to enter the UK have increased eight fold since charges were abolished by the government in 2002 and are now running at over a thousand a week. They cost the taxpayer £1m a week, says a report from think-tank Migrationwatch. Unlike ordinary visitors, "family […]

2nd January 2010 (Policy, Population)

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