Eu Workers In Uk ‘three Or Four Times’ Number Of Brits Working In Europe

There are three or four times the number of EU workers in the UK as there are UK workers in the EU says a new report from think tank Migrationwatch out today. The number of UK nationals working in other EU countries is approximately 286,000 as against some 1,172,000 workers born in the EU currently […]

18th February 2009 (Uncategorised)

Freedom Of Movement In The Eu : The Metock Case

This is a case decided by the European Court of Justice [ECJ] in July 2008 on a reference made to it by the Irish High Court. It is concerned with the interpretation of Directive 2004/38/EC (sometimes referred to as the Citizens Directive) on the right of citizens of the Union and their family members to […]

Statisticians Are Right To Publish And Be Damned

By Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK Statisticians can cause quite a stir just by being honest. Yesterday the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published the latest employment figures. They show that in the past 12 months the employment of British workers has fallen by about 250,000 while the number of foreign workers […]

Legislative Developments

In September 2008 Briefing Paper 8.28, summarising the contents of the Draft (Partial) Immigration and Citizenship Bill, gave an account of the Bill’s contents and of the views on it which we submitted to the Home Affairs Committee of the House of Commons…… … There is now before Parliament a Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill, […]

The Independent – Another Apology

“For a second time The Independent has been obliged to apologise and pay damages and costs to Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch. This is despite the fact that on the first occasion, in February 2008, their apology recognised explicitly that “Sir Andrew Green and Migrationwatch, the think-tank he founded, are entitled to put forward […]

24th January 2009 (Balanced Migration)

Asylum Seekers – A Serious Case Of Misunderstanting

Summary Confusion continues to reign over the distinction between an asylum seeker and a refugee. In the period 1997 – 2007 three quarters of asylum applications were refused after a process with a reduced burden of proof and opportunities to appeal. Asylum seekers should not be confused with genuine applicants who are, rightly, granted refugee […]

21st January 2009 (Asylum, Economics, Refugees, Religion)

Cabinet Minister Admits Immigration ‘free For All’

A Cabinet Minister has admitted the Government has presided over an asylum and immigration “free for all” and warned that the recession could be a recipe for social tension. Hazel Blears, the Communities Secretary, said Labour had failed to manage the system effectively, allowing many people to enter the country under false pretences. See The […]

12th January 2009 (Visas/Work Permits)

Immigration: Bbc Radio 4: Beyond Westminster

Radio 4’s Beyond Westminster (1100 hrs – 1130 hrs Saturday, 10 January 2009) discussed whether the record levels of immigrants are something to be celebrated or deplored and how far things will be changed by the looming recession The BBC’s Andrew Rawnsley first questioned Migrationwatch’s Chairman, Sir Andrew Green, about why his organisation is alarmed […]

Population Out Of Control: Why Present Policies Cannot Keep Our Population Even To 70 Million

Summary The government have assured the public that the population of the UK will not be allowed to reach 70 million and that their new Points Based System (PBS) will ensure that this is achieved. Unfortunately, this cannot possibly be so…….. Conclusion ……Last year the PBS would have only stopped 11,500 migrants out of 237,000 […]

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