Migrants Should Also ‘earn’ Their Vote

The Government’s proposals outlined yesterday for ‘earned’ citizenship should also be an opportunity to make sweeping changes to those eligible to vote in elections in the UK, says think-tank, Migrationwatch. In a paper out today the group point out that about a million people from Commonwealth countries who are not British citizens have the right […]

22nd February 2008 (Legal Matters, Policy)

Government Figures Wrong On Where Immigrants Come From, Confirms Statistics Commission

The Government has the ability to control a much larger percentage of immigrants coming to the UK than it claims. This has emerged after think tank Migrationwatch asked the independent Statistics Commission to look at Government claims that 52% of immigrants are from outside the EU whereas Migrationwatch say the figure was 68%. After reviewing […]

13th February 2008 (Emigration, European Union, Population)

Immigration & The Environment

By Sir Leslie Fielding, a former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex and Chairman of the Sussex Overseas Development Institute. The issue of continued large scale immigration into the UK, while immediate, also needs to be seen in a longer-term perspective, in the context of two of the greatest issues of our time: the changing […]

1st February 2008 (Policy)

The Economic Impact Of Immigration

Migrationwatch Chairman, Sir Andrew Green, gave oral evidence to the House of Lords Economic Committee on Tuesday 15 January, about the economic impact of immigration. As well as Sir Andrew, the Rt Hon Liam Byrne, MP, Minister of State for Borders & Immigration, Mr John Elliot, Chief Economist, Home Office and Mr Jonathan Portes, Chief […]

Migrationwatch: Supplementary Evidence To The House Of Lords Economic Affairs Committee

In response to a request from the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee who are investigating the economic impact of immigration, Migrationwatch has submitted written evidence in response to the Government case. Migrationwatch Chairman, Sir Andrew Green, will give further oral evidence to the Committee on 15 January. Commenting on the government’s earlier written evidence […]

14th January 2008 (Uncategorised)

Migrationwatch Commentary On The Item Club “special Report On Migration And The Uk Economy”

Said chairman Sir Andrew Green: ‘This report is very far from an objective assessment of the issue from a body which openly favours "open doors to economic migrants", despite the highest levels of immigration in our history. This is despite some of the findings in their own report – particularly the small or even negative […]

Uk Benefits System Linked To Immigrant Workers Says Report

Evidence that the system of social security benefits is one factor in attracting large numbers of foreign workers to the UK has come from a new study out today. An in depth analysis of the operation of the current benefit system, by think tank Migrationwatch, has shown that the effect of benefit levels combined with […]

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