Media Reports Archive : June 2018

EU leaders plan secure migrant centres

The controlled centres would be set up by EU states on a voluntary basis.

BBC News - 29 Jun 2018

Britain 'heading for worst possible Brexit' over freedom of movement, warns Theresa May's former top aid

The Telegraph has learnt that free movement of workers could also effectively continue after Brexit.

Daily Telegraph - 28 Jun 2018

Post-Brexit Britain needs a 'skills revolution', says Peter Lilley

Peter Lilley, the former social security secretary, accused ministers of largely only paying lip service to years of under-investment in training.

Daily Telegraph - 26 Jun 2018

Most voters back tough immigration targets

An exclusive poll for this programme suggests Britain still wants big cuts to immigration. A majority support a cap of tens of thousands a year.

Channel 4 News - 25 Jun 2018

3.8million EU migrants are allowed to stay here after Brexit: That’s 600,000 more than estimated – and they can bring their families

They will be given the automatic right to settle here as long as they pay £65 – about £10 less than the minimum cost of a UK passport.

Daily Mail - 25 Jun 2018

Surge in refugees hits young Germans’ job prospects, warns OECD

Refugees run the risk of damaging the job prospects of low-skilled young men in Germany, Austria and Sweden, the OECD has warned.

Daily Telegraph - 21 Jun 2018

Theresa May wins 'meaningful vote' battle

The government has seen off a rebellion by Conservative MPs over Parliament's role in the Brexit process.

BBC News - 21 Jun 2018

Italy is right to get tough on the people-traffickers, writes Geoffrey Van Orden

The migration of thousands of people across the Mediterranean is not some natural, unavoidable phenomenon.

The Times - 19 Jun 2018

Tens of thousands of foreigners will be allowed to study at UK universities without having to prove that they can speak English

Migration Watch said: 'The last time the student visa system was loosened in 2009 it took years to recover from the massive inflow of bogus students'

Daily Mail - 19 Jun 2018

Doors open to thousands more skilled migrants

Lord Green, chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: 'In the longer term the answer has to be to train our own medics.'

Daily Telegraph - 14 Jun 2018

Staffing the NHS properly requires more training – not endless immigration

The real solution surely has to be to reduce this reliance on those trained overseas and to train our own.

Conservative Home - 11 Jun 2018

Gangs smuggle migrants in through Ireland

One smuggler described the Irish route as “a guaranteed way to get into the UK”

The Times - 7 Jun 2018

Gordon Brown calls for tougher controls on migration

The former prime minister has called for tougher migration controls.

The Guardian - 6 Jun 2018

Who is coming into Britain? Airports failed to check the passports of 11,000 passengers after they were sent the wrong way at arrival gates

Each year around 2,000 people bypass immigration control after they are sent the wrong way.

Daily Mail - 1 Jun 2018


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